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Blended Orgasms For Women

Taking a woman into a deeper and more intense orgasm is the desire of most men.


One way of doing this is to give her a blended orgasm, a combination of a g spot orgasm and a clitoris orgasm.


The clitoris and the g spot are stimulated by touching 2 different parts of a girls genital area.


An orgasm from each area is quite distinct. So make her climax from both areas simultaneously will lead to a blended orgasm.


The resulting orgasm is much more intense than normal. It also can be felt more as a whole body orgasm and it can last much longer too.


How To Give A Blended Orgasm


To have any chance of this type of orgasm, you must prolong foreplay till she is really desiring intercourse.


Most men go to go having intercourse before the girl is really turned on.


Do not make this mistake.


It is also much easier to find the g spot when she is very turned on, as it tends to swell before orgasm.


Now engage in oral sex with particular tongue strokes on the clitoris.


When she is just on the edge, insert one or two fingers curling upwards to find the g spot.


How To Touch The G Spot


Make a coming here motion with your fingers and continue oral stimulation on the clitoris.


Build up the sexual energy and soon she will orgasm.


Repeat this till she has 3 orgasms and she will love it. If the g spot massage causes her to want to urinate, just tell her that this feeling will pass.


Sometimes a blended orgasm with result in female ejaculation.


This is not urine and has a sweet smell. One can have a towel under her if needed.


For more on how to become an expert in cunnilingus, go to oral sex tips.


Dirty talking is another way to drive a woman into her sexual pleasure.


This allows a man to get into his more masculine energy and this really turns on most women.


Read my free dirty talking phases.


Great sex is your birthright!





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