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Breast Massage Tips and Technique


Guys, discover some simple instructions on how to do sensual breast massage with our instructions, techniques and massage movements. A couples breast massage is a great way to open the heart of any woman and to bring increased intimacy and pleasure to sexual foreplay.

The age old system of tantra tells us that the positive pole of a women's sexuality is her breasts. Massaging the breasts allows the woman to open her heart area. This allows sexual energy to flow down to her negative pole, the vulva area. Once the energy builds up in this area, the woman is much more likely to want sex.

What Not To Do In Foreplay

Most men tend to go to the negative pole of a woman pretty much too early when doing foreplay. This is because a mans positive pole is his penis. He is quite happy to have this stimulated anytime. He tends to forget that great sex for a woman is more about feelings and heart than just genital touch.

Sensual Breast Massage Techniques

Just holding the breasts can be very sensual for most woman.

The area between the breasts is another nice place to touch, kiss or just to place your head!

*My best foreplay tip for men is to spend at least 10 minutes or even more in a couples breast touching

*Come into any stroke with softness and sensitivity so your touch does not feel rough in  the massage.

* Long flowing movements that circle or are in a figure of eight pattern work well.

* Using feathers and fur can make the massage special.

* Vary the depth of the strokes from very soft to a little firmer and see how she reacts.

* Each woman has differing needs and wants as regards breast massage. One needs good communication to find out exactly how she likes her breasts touched and her nipples stimulated.

* Generally, I find it is better to do nipple stimulation later in foreplay or in intercourse. . Some men have sensitive breasts and nipples and a woman can return the massage pleasure.

Combining intercourse or g spot massage with breast massage is a great way to increase the sensual turn. Stimulating a woman at two or three places at once can really drive her to orgasm.


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