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Female Orgasm Secrets


Most guys need to learn about several female orgasm secrets to really turn on a woman.



Many men do not realize that men's and women's arousal rhythms are quite different.


If a man just does what comes naturally to him without taking this into account, sex can become a real turn off for most women.



It can even become painful and a woman feeling any pain will totally turn off her orgasmic reflex.


Female Orgasm Secrets One.


A woman's positive pole in her sexuality is her heart and emotions.


One needs to activate this before she will desire any penetration at all.

Give her a hug during the day or send a sexy text message if you are apart.

Sex starts 24 hours before foreplay!


When you are together, slow, sensual and sexy massage is the key to turn on any woman and really starts the fire.


Do not start on the genitals or breasts but do slow, long strokes up the legs and stomach, tummy and neck.


Kissing is really sexy for just about any woman and do not forget to kiss the legs, neck, toes, thighs and stomach.



Some women can even orgasm from toe kissing!


Every woman is different and it is up to the man to see what her hot zones are and how to stimulate each one.


By checking on her response when you touch the erogenous zones with your hands and fingers you soon will get to know what she likes and dislikes.


Female Orgasm Secrets Two.


Now you have build up the fire, turn your attention to the breasts.



Slow and sensual touch is again the key. It is a good idea to have some feathers and fur to caress the breasts.


Kisses and sucking can be used when she is getting more turned on.


Spend a lot of time on the breasts. Ask her to just hold your genitals to return the favor.


Female Orgasm Secrets Three.


Many women only orgasm from oral sex and never from intercourse.



The art of lovemaking for a lot of woman is to make sure she has had at least one orgasm from oral sex or vulva and g spot massage before the start of intercourse.


And it is much better to give her more than one orgasm too.


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