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Male G Spot Massage Orgasms

One of the most intense experiences a man can feel in his body is a male g spot massage orgasm.


What is the male g spot?


The prostate gland is called the male g spot due to the powerful orgasms that are similar to a woman's' g spot orgasm.


Most women find the g spot orgasm to be much more intense and a more whole body experience compared to a clitoris orgasm. The same holds true for the male spot orgasm.


Where is the male g spot?


The location of the male g spot is close to the anal opening, about 1 to 2 inches inside the rectum. It is helpful for many men to see a male g spot video to learn how to massage the prostate gland.


Many men have some issues about their anus and prostate pleasure. Seeing a prostate video can allow many fears to be overcome and subside.


What not to do in a male g spot massage?


The prostate gland is rather delicate and injury can occur if there is too much pressure in the massage stroke.


It is also very important to massage the anal opening to allow relaxation. If one does not take this vital step, any anal penetration by a finger or a sex toy will be painful.


Another important step that many guys forget is to use lots of anal lubricant on and in the anus before any prostate play.


These days there are available anal tube lubrication tubes to allow this process to be dead easy.


Prostate Massage Videos


Another role of a male g spot video is in educating your partner to the most effective massage techniques for prostate stimulation.


Many men have some issues in introducing their partner to anal play. Watching a educational video together can be a wonderful way of sharing new sexual methods without getting too embarrassed.


While most guys gain deep pleasure from stroking the male g spot area, prostate videos usually explain other methods, including touching, teasing, massage strokes with a finger and the best sex toy to set off powerful sensations leading to prostate orgasms.


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Dirty talking is another way to drive a woman into her sexual pleasure.


This allows a man to get into his more masculine energy and this really turns on most women.


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