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Oral Sex Orgasms

Becoming an expert in learning how to give oral sex orgasms to a woman is an essential skill all men need to know.


When you perform cunnilingus or oral sex correctly, you will find that she will want much more sex with you each week and you will be totally sexually satisfied.


Most men do not know that many woman do not orgasm from intercourse.


Many girls fake orgasms to keep their lovers happy. Sex surveys show this fact again and again.


The good news is that most woman do orgasm from oral sex.


However, if you are not too expert when it comes to cunnilingus, you will find it very frustrating when she does not have orgasms.


One of the biggest keys to good oral is the preparation. Yes, guys, this means spending a long time on sensual foreplay. If you do this right, she will feel really loved and this helps her desire to grow.


Many girls like a more sensual and soft touch when you are using your tongue.


Tune into her when doing oral and fee how she is reacting. If you are doing it right, just continue what you are doing.


Every woman is different when it comes to clitoris stimulation. It is up to the man to explore and to find methods that work with his lover.


Combine oral sex with g spot stimulation.


Another powerful method is to combine oral sex with g spot massage with one or two fingers.


This can lead her to vaginal orgasms which are much more powerful than clitoris orgasms.


When you give a vaginal orgasm to a girl that has not had this experience you will find she will just love you so much more.


For more R rated tips on orals sex orgasms go here.


Dirty talking is another way to drive a woman into her sexual pleasure.


This allows a man to get into his more masculine energy and this really turns on most women.


Read my free 25 dirty talking phases.


Great sex is your birthright!


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