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Sensual Touch

The way your lover responds to you can be totally changed from one simple sensual touch tip….


 Simply by changing the way you hug your lover, how you touch, and how you stroke your lover’s body.

Most men I see in my private sexuality practice really need to feel how this type of magic touch will really turn on their lover.

I was with a couple about a week ago, teaching them erotic massage. I asked the woman who was naked, to touch her man with her breasts so she really enjoyed the feelings of moving her breasts over his body and penis.

She actually found this simple instruction quite difficult as she was so in the habit of trying to give him pleasure with her touch.

Now, most men focus on what their lover is feeling and whether their touch is turning their lover on. They focus on whether SHE is enjoying the touch.

Now this is what most sex guides teach, right guys?

Actually I call this type of touch, turn off touch!

I leant a new way to touching in one of my first Tantra courses many years ago

You could call it present touch or pleasure touch.

This means you touch your lover for YOUR pleasure and really be in your body enjoying how this feels good to YOU.

It seems a contradiction, but that type of touch will really feel more erotic and sensual for your lover.

Read that again.

If you are a man, when you touch her with your attention on YOUR pleasure, and it feeling good in YOUR body, it is THAT quality of touch that feels best to HER.

We discussed with my client about changing her focus in her touch to her pleasure. She raised her belief that doing this was selfish.

I just got her to try this with her partner, and as soon as she did this, he really responded.

I then asked her to use her nipples on the soul of his feet and really enjoy the nipple stimulation this provided. Her man’s erection became rock hard!

So the next time you are with your partner, invite them to do a simple sexuality exercise.

If you are a man, tell her you are going to touch the inside of her arm from fingers to elbow. Now touch on trying to give HER pleasure and to turn her on.

Now practice pleasure touch. Stroke her arm with your full attention on making it feel good for you. Take in the pleasure from the feelings and sensations under your fingers.

Now, ask her which type of touch felt best.

I have actually done this exercise on a first date and found this really started a strong sexual vibe running.

So why does this type of touch work?

When a man touches for his pleasure, he is in his body and not his thoughts or head.

Most women are very sensitive to this, and call the sexual experience of this man as being present.

When a man is more present and in his pleasure, he does not want to change his lover in anyway. Woman responses by relaxing and this actually feels so much better.

Once you have practiced this type of touch on the arms, try it on the breasts the next time you make love. Really enjoy the softness and femininity of your lover’s breasts.

I got more sexuality exercises in my report, sexual ecstasy in 14 days.