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Woman’s Erogenous Zones


What kills great sex is the same old routine every time you make love.


Now one way to spice up your sex life is to fully explore the erogenous zones of your partner.


When you take this approach to making love, sex leads to a whole body experience instead of a clitoral or genital approach to making love.


After all, most women want an emotional and a heart connection when making love. If you stimulate her whole body, from the tips of her toes to her ears and all between, she will feel really loved.


This approach also stimulates all areas of her body, the energy and tingling can be felt moving and flowing, leading to whole body orgasms.


When a woman is lead to deeper orgasmic experiences, she will adore you and as a bonus, you will get LOTS more sex too.


Woman’s erogenous zones become very important when you are touching her in a sensual massage.


As every woman has different sensitivities when it comes to their sexual buttons, it is up to the man to find out what really works.


Some Hot Erogenous Buttons, The Breasts.


Most men touch the breasts much too rough for pleasure. Slow down your touch and soft and flowing is the key. If she has implants, be very careful not to cause her discomfort.


Touch can lead to kissing and licking. Blowing can be a turn on too, particularly on the nipples.


The Feet and Toes.


Believe it or not, the feet can be very much a hot zone. I have even had a woman orgasm from toe sucking! Hard to believe, but true.

Having some warm massage oil handy is a great aid to any feet massage. The warm oil makes just about any massage stroke much more sensual.


Her Buttocks


Have your lover lie on her front. Use some warm oil and kneed her bottom. Now go more sensual by kissing and licking. A nice touch is to blow on the anus.



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Dirty talking is another way to drive a woman into her sexual pleasure.


This allows a man to get into his more masculine energy and this really turns on most women.


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Great sex is your birthright!