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Discover Prostate orgasms with our guide to prostate pleasure.

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Sexuality Tips, Positions  and Advice for U For Mega Orgasms

Overcome routine and boring sex with our free sexuality tips and sexuality positions to lead your lover to mega orgasms.


Most of us have had little read education in  sexuality and our real sexual potential. This is a pity, as a lot of relationships split up due to sex loosing its passion and power.


  • Do you make love the same way each time?
  • Is sex just the same old routine of kiss, touch breasts and intercourse?
  • Is there no passion and love anymore?


Learn from my personal story of how I learnt to be a sexual expert and I even get paid to give tantra massage.


Did you know that

  • Males can learn to be multi orgasmic and not ejaculate?
  •  Over 50% of women fake orgasms?
  • Surveys show that 65% of women are unsatisfied with their sex life.
  • Most women separate from their partners mainly due to bad sex.
  • Surveys also show that most men come in intercourse in 7 minutes.  This is an average figure, so a lot of  men come in less than 7 minutes. Most women need 20 to 30 minutes of intercourse to really enjoy sex.

Try some new sex positions tips to spice up intercourse for mega orgasms.


Learn about kama sutra sex positions, missionary position, doggy position, women on top and many other types of sex positions.


Discover free erotic massage videos that can take your lovemaking to a new level.


Learn about woman's erogenous zones and how you can turn her on.


Maybe you want to know more about sexuality in the care and use of adult sex toys. Discover how to use different types of vibrators, dildos, penis toys, glass sex toys, nipple toys and anal toys.


Learn a lot more about male sexuality and about female sexuality with our free sexuality tips. I am a qualified sexologist that specializes in tantra and tantra massage.


There are any types of orgasms to explore. Try our orgasm tips to discover deeper and more fulfilling orgasmic experiences. Discover how to use oral sex to give mega orgasms in

cunnilingus orgasms.


For women, orgasm types  include

  • Clitoris orgasms
  • G Spot orgasms
  • Cervical orgasms
  • Blended orgasms
  • Oral Sex Orgasms
  • Energy orgasms
  • Anal orgasms
  • Heart orgasms
  • Breast orgasms
  • Multi orgasms that last for hours

The orgasms a male can experience include

A great sex life is your birth right as wall as LOTS of Pleasure. Explore sexuality for u today. See Adult DVD and Adult VOD


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